Zymo Research Announces Sponsorship of the Inaugural Microbes in Wastewater Symposium

IRVINE, Calif., (Nov. 21, 2023) — Zymo Research Corporation proudly announced its sponsorship of the upcoming "Microbes in Wastewater: Molecular Approaches in Pathogen and AMR Surveillance" symposium, scheduled for January 18th -19th, 2024, in Laguna Beach, California. Hosted by the Aladdin Bioinformatics Foundation, Los Angeles County Sanitation District, and University of California, Irvine, the symposium will bring together researchers, water sector experts, and industry leaders to explore advanced technologies for pathogen/AMR surveillance and sustainable wastewater management. The aim is to foster conversations on technologies and methods for the standardization of wastewater testing and surveillance.

Esteemed keynote speakers Dr. Rita Colwell and Dr. Amy Pruden, experts in microbiology and environmental engineering, will share insights. Colwell, former NSF Director, brings expertise in microbial dynamics and waterborne diseases. Pruden, a leading expert in the microbiome of water systems, will discuss the intersection of microbiology and engineering in wastewater and antimicrobial resistance.

Zymo Research's sponsorship emphasizes its dedication to advancing scientific knowledge in wastewater research while stressing the importance of public and environmental health. Diana Jia, Director of Marketing at Zymo Research, shared her enthusiasm, stating, "As a company committed to providing cutting-edge life science and NGS solutions, we are thrilled to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on standardizing wastewater surveillance. Our sponsorship reflects our expertise in pioneering technologies for sample collection, extraction, and the understanding of infectious disease and AMR monitoring in wastewater."

Attendees are invited to explore Zymo Research's booth to learn about cutting-edge solutions enhancing molecular approaches in wastewater research.

To register for the symposium, please visit: www.wastewaterAMR2024.com.

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