Filter All Impurities


RNA Clean-up from any Reaction

RNA Clean & Concentrator

Recover >90% & Elute in as Little as 6 µl

Maximum Recovery

Recovery Graph comparing suplier Q

RCC provides higher yields and more consistent recovery when compared to the Supplier Q kit.

Any Downstream Application


Pie chart of NGS Ready

Based on cited journal articles, 68% of all RNA Clean & Concentrator (RCC) kits are used for library prep, and 60% of the the same set of citations are used for illumina protocols and workflows.

Eliminate All Contaminants & Inhibitors

Ultra-Pure RNA in 5 Minutes

Purity Graph comparing supplier Q

RNA was cleaned-up using the RCC kit and a Supplier Q kit (n=4). RNA purity (measured by A260/230) was greater than 1.8 for the RCC kit but not for the Supplier Q kit.

Achieve sample A260/230 values consistently above 1.8

Separate into Large & Small RNA Fractions

Flexible RNA Recovery

RNA gel electrophoresis

Clean and collect total RNA or collect large (>200 nt) and
small (17-200 nt) fractions.

Best Value Kit

Top of Its Class

RNA Clean & Concentrator Supplier Q Supplier MN
6 µl Elution
Small RNA Recovery
DNase I Included

Proven by Users

Highly Praised

“I got very high yields of RNA from this kit. Very impressive kit, easy to handle and quick processing step. Just like what Zymo promised.”

X.C., University of southern California

“I've never seen such purity of the RNA before. This product works excellent and easy to use and affordable. Everybody shoud try this product.”

P.S., University of Louisville

“Great for purifying small amounts of RNA. I use the Bioanalyzer after and I can see the difference from before, clean bands and the concentration increases with as smaller amount of eluntant.”


“It isolates small RNA's int the same go, unlike MinElute columns which leaves out RNAs smaller than 200nt.“


Remove All Impurities with the RNA Clean & Concentrator

Binding Capacity Minimum Elution Protocol
RNA Clean & Concentrator-5 10 µg 6 µl PDF thumbnail
RNA Clean & Concentrator-25 50 µg 25 µl PDF thumbnail
RNA Clean & Concentrator-96 10 µg 10 µl PDF thumbnail
RNA Clean & Concentrator-100 250 µg 100 µl PDF thumbnail
RNA Clean & Concentrator MagBead 10 µg 15 µl PDF thumbnail

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