Zymo Research Pioneers a Breakthrough in Large-scale Animal-free RNase A Production

IRVINE, Calif., (March 5, 2024) – In a groundbreaking development, Zymo Research, a leader in biotechnology innovation, has revolutionized large-scale production of animal-free recombinant RNase A (PureRec RNase A), a challenge that persisted for over half a century. This breakthrough will enable the widespread use of recombinant RNase A in applications where an animal-free enzyme is preferred.

RNase A is a critical enzyme extensively utilized in plasmid and genomic DNA purification processes due to its efficacy in degrading RNA contaminants. It is traditionally sourced from bovine pancreases since the 1940s. However, when sourced from bovine origins, inherent risks of contamination are introduced. These risks encompass the potential presence of viruses, prions, and other undesired components from the animal source. Such contaminants can compromise the purity of plasmid and DNA samples, leading to failure in downstream applications. Recognizing these challenges, Zymo Research has developed PureRec RNase A, an animal-free recombinant RNase A. The use of PureRec RNase A ensures not only efficient RNA removal but also reduces the risk of potential introduction of animal-derived contaminants.

This transformative breakthrough is achieved by leveraging a cutting-edge protein expression approach and an efficient purification process. It overcomes the challenge of cytotoxicity when using a host expression system and ensures a consistent and high-quality supply of recombinant RNase A at a sustainable cost. It not only addresses the escalating awareness of contamination risks associated with animal-derived RNase A but also responds to the increasing demand for an ethically sourced, animal-free alternative.

PureRec RNase A was developed and manufactured in Zymo Research’s state-of-the-art facility in California, empowered by specialized expertise and advanced fermentation and bioprocessing technologies. Zymo Research's innovative approach not only reduces the contamination risks and environmental impact associated with animal-based production methods but also ensures a secure and reliable supply chain for customers. The introduction of PureRec RNase A marks a transformative leap, revolutionizing the availability and accessibility of recombinant RNase A, unlocking unprecedented possibilities for researchers and industries alike.

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