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5,500,000 Metric Tons of Waste

According to one 2015 estimate, the world's biosciences labs could have generated as much as 5.5 million metric tons of waste in 2014-nearly 2% of the total mound-despite the fact that researchers represent a tiny fraction of the world's population.

Cold-chain logistics have been the convention for sending biological samples from lab to lab and service providers, and now the planet is paying the price as unprecedented amounts of Styrofoam fill landfills.
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Be A Part of The Green Solution

Zymo Research's Green Solution Initiative is focused on eliminating Styrofoam in sample transportation. To help labs and service providers accomplish this, Zymo Research is providing FREE superior sample collection and preservation alternatives that don't require the use of Styrofoam or dry ice to participating labs, facilities and organizations.
By signing up for the Green Solution Initiative, you pledge to keep an average of 129 cubic feet of Styrofoam out of landfills each year.
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30 percent
Making this small change is a critical step in shifting the industry's reliance on Styrofoam and dry ice. By participating in this cause, you become part of a larger movement that challenges outdated methods and practices that have negative, unintended consequences on the planet. The Green Solution aims to help reduce the Styrofoam and dry ice usage of participating labs & service providers by at least 30% in the first year.

How It Works

The initiative is an alternative solution to help scientists break free from cold-chain for biological sample transport, with free DNA/RNA Shield. DNA/RNA Shield is a superior sample collection and transportation product that eliminates the need for Styrofoam and temperature-controlled shipping logistics. devices bubbles
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Save The Planet. Keep The Change.

The cost of updating current methods with environmentally friendly options can prevent many labs and companies from making the transition away from Styrofoam. But DNA/RNA Shield can help labs, service providers and organizations transition away from Styrofoam and dry ice in sample transportation, in addition to saving shipping and electricity costs. Based on calculations from Zymo Research’s use of DNA/RNA Shield for internal services, the following resources can be saved each year:

By reducing the need for Styrofoam and dry ice, DNA/RNA Shield can save an average of $50,000 a year or per 500 projects.
Per 500 projects, about 500 Styrofoam boxes can be saved. Stacked together, this measures about 354.167 feet tall - approximately the height of the Statue of Liberty.
Without the need for short-term refrigeration, DNA/RNA Shield is able to save over 3.83MWh per freezer per year. This equals approximately $425 in savings per freezer each year.
99,657 gallons of water per freezer per year can be saved by using DNA/RNA Shield, without the need of cold storage. This does not include the hundreds of thousands of gallons needed to manufacture Styrofoam and dry ice.
Just one freezer can emit 3.6 metric tons of CO2 each year. DNA/RNA Shield can significantly help labs and service providers reduce their carbon footprint.
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