Mouse Epigenetic Age Analysis

Precisely Quantify Biological Age Across Various Mouse Tissue Types

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a simplified representation of a brain, a liver, a muscle, and a drop of blood

Multi-Tissue Panel

an image of circles within larger circles with a small opening in each circle

Over 2,000 Loci

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Mouse DNAge Performance

Blood Clock chart showing correlation between DNAge and chronological age Liver Clock chart showing correlation between DNAge and chronological age

DNAge is highly correlated with chronological age

Have Confidence In Your Data

The Mouse DNAge platform utilizes "Simplified Whole-panel Amplification Reaction Method" (SWARM®), a robust targeted bisulfite sequencing approach which helps deliver reproducible high-throughput methylation data.

  • Low Input:
    as little as 250 ng DNA
  • High Throughput:
    up to 640 samples per sequencing run
  • Deep Sequencing:
    >1,000 sequencing depth

Publication-Ready Data In One Simple Report

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Potential Applications

Medical Pills
Drug Discovery
Blood Sugar Monitor
Cancer cell
Neuron cell

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