Ampicillin Sodium Solution

A1001-25 / A1001-5

Ampicillin Sodium Solution

Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
A1001-25 Ampicillin Sodium Solution (5 x 5 ml) $83.60
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A1001-5 Ampicillin Sodium Solution (1 x 5 ml) $26.40
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  • Convenient:: Ready-to-use 100 mg/ml Ampicillin Sodium Solution.
  • Ultra-Pure: Purity ≥ 98%. Ideal for amplifying plasmids, cosmids, and BAC/PACs in E. coli.
  • Sterile: Solution passed through a 0.2 µm filter to ensure sterility.

Ampicillin is a penicillin derivative that prevents bacterial cell wall synthesis. Ampicillin is effective against both Gram (+) and (-) bacteria. Resistance to ampicillin is conferred by the bla gene which encodes β-lactamase that cleaves the β-lactam bond of the antibiotic. Ampicillin is commonly used to select for ampicillin resistant plasmid bearing strains of bacteria.

Concentration 100 mg/ml
Product Storage -20°C
Purity ≥ 98%
Working Concentration 20 - 100 µg/ml