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    FastPrep™ 24

    S6005 / S6005-5 / S6005-1 / S6005-2 / S6005-3 / S6005-4 / S6005-6

    FastPrep™ 24

    Cat # Name Unit
    S6005 FastPrep™ 24 - Voltage 120v 1 Unit
    S6005-5 FastPrep™ 24 - European AC Cord 1 Unit
    S6005-1 HiPrep™ Adapter 1 Unit
    S6005-2 CoolPrep™ Adapter (24 x 2 ml Tubes) 1 Unit
    S6005-3 TeenPrep™ Adapter (12 x 15 ml Tubes) 1 Unit
    S6005-4 BigPrep™ Adapter (2 x 50 ml Tubes) 1 Unit
    S6005-6 QuickPrep™ Adapter (24 x 2 ml Tubes) 1 Unit


    The FastPrep-24™ instrument is a unique, high-speed benchtop homogenizer that employs a powerful, proprietary technology for the rapid lysis of almost any sample in 40 seconds or less. The FastPrep® instrument makes it possible to isolate DNA, RNA, and protein from sources that are virtually impossible to lyse without the use of its rapid reciprocating motion.

    Distributed by Zymo Research
    Manufacturer MP Biomedicals

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