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    MagBead J

    D4100-3-3 / D4100-3-50 / D4100-3-100

    MagBead J

    Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
    D4100-3-3 MagBead J (3mL) 1500 rxns $600.00
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    D4100-3-50 MagBead J (50mL) 25000 rxns $10,000.00
    - +
    D4100-3-100 MagBead J (100mL) 50000 rxns $20,000.00
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    • Suitable for Low Reaction Volume.
    • Suitable for High-throughput Automation.
    • Low Settling Rate Design.
    • Research use only.

    MagBead J is designed to seamlessly integrate with high-throughput automation systems, used as a reagent for nucleic acid, magnetic bead-based purification. It is optimized for low reaction volume workflows, making it ideal for applications where conserving samples is crucial.  Only 1-2 microliters of MagBead J slurry are required per reaction, reducing waste and enhancing cost-effectiveness.

    MagBead J has a well-documented application for Single-cell DNA Methylome analysis, following the snm3C/snmC-seq3 protocol.

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