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    Digital MicroPlate Genie® Pulse

    S5012 / S5013

    Digital MicroPlate Genie® Pulse

    Cat # Name Voltage Price Quantity
    S5012 Digital MicroPlate Genie® Pulse 120V $832.41
    - +
    S5013 Digital MicroPlate Genie® Pulse (Euro Plug) 230V $832.41
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    Exclusive precise vortex orbit guarantees true vortexing action in each well of the microplate, at all times. Accurate speed and time control guarantee outstanding reliability and mixing consistency. The Digital MicroPlate Genie® is ideal for applications such as small volume mixing, PCR Preparation, Digestions, as well as Cell Disruption.

    Distributed by Zymo Research
    Manufacturer Scientific Industries, Inc.