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    RotaPrep MonoLyser


    RotaPrep MonoLyser

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    S6021 RotaPrep MonoLyser 1 Unit Contact For Pricing


    The MonoLyser™ system is a sample lysis, homogenization and grinding system for life sciences applications like no other on the market. It is for an order of magnitude faster in performing complete quantitative sample lysis, usually within 5 seconds or less, of even the most difficult biological and environmental samples. You can process any sample for DNA extraction, RNA extraction, and protein extraction in the field, or in lab with ease. Most samples are completely lysed and ready for downstream processing within the 5 seconds!!! Traditional methods of sample lysis require tedious homogenization using a pestle and mortar, ultrasonication, bench scale bead beating equipment, a shearing homogenizer, or enzymatic or chemical treatments. Those processes run from tens of hours to 40 seconds in processing time and quite often produce a bottleneck in the workflow. It is compatible with any downstream protocol for DNA purification, RNA purification, proteins purification, and metabolites purification and characterization.

    Distributed by Zymo Research
    Manufacturer Rotaprep Inc

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