Easy-to-Use Stool Collector Device

Collect stool samples easily and cleanly with a wipe in the privacy of your own bathroom.

Simple like toilet paper, the Bunny Wipe is a stool collector device that enables a better user experience and encourages collection compliance. The Bunny Wipe removable collection strip eliminates need for swabbing or scooping stool samples.

Combine with the industry-leading fecal microbiome preservation technology (DNA/RNA Shield) for safe, room temperature shipping.

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Bunny Wipe vs Standard Collectors

Bunny Wipe

  • Simple, familiar wipe for collection
  • Clean removable sampling strip
  • Hygienic (no-mess) flushable wipe
  • Urine-free collection procedure

Standard Collectors

Conventional Fecal
  • Complex, messy fecal catcher or bucket
  • Must handle (scoop) from gross/collected feces
  • Dirtied collection device requires disposal
  • Potential for urine contamination

A traditional stool sample collector involves the use of non-standardized messy collection methods involving buckets, napkins, cups, and scoops. The Bunny Wipe replaces these cumbersome methods with an already familiar toilet paper-like experience. Gone is the need to look at (and smell) a whole stool sample and, worse yet, user concern of contaminating the sample with urine.

The Bunny Wipe eliminates these issues by introducing an easy-to-use stool collector device. Just wipe, peel and preserve a sample. Once collected, the rest of the fecal sample collector wipe can be simply flushed down the toilet.

Bunny Wipe Makes At-Home Stool Collection Simple

The Easiest At-Home Stool Sample Collector Ever

The fecal collection kit featuring Bunny Wipe and DNA/RNA Shield technologies facilitates user compliant sampling with safe transportation and storage of collected samples, respectively.

DNA/RNA Shield is a certified pathogen inactivation solution in biological samples and is the only preservation solution proven to safeguard microbiome profiles through unsurpassed DNA/RNA stabilization.

The kits are available in predetermined or fully customizable formats that can include components, labeling, tracking information based on the needs of the client.

Bunny Wipe and Shield Fecal Tube
Fecal collector performance with DNA/RNA Shield Fecal collector performance without preservative

The Ultimate Stool Collector Device


The only stool sample collector you will ever need. Engineered to imitate the traditional bathroom experience. Eliminate clunky conventional stool collectors.

Water Soluble

Bunny Wipe is 100% flushable alongside traditional toilet paper. Yes! A stool sample collector that completely dissolves within water in 30 seconds or less.

Transport Ready

To create a kit, pair with our fecal tube powered by DNA/RNA Shield, which inactivates pathogens and stabilizes the sample for transport and room-temperature storage.

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